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Mayor : Linda Oliver

Linda has served as our Mayor for 8 years.She has also served as a council member for many years. She is community driven and has accomplished many improvement projects for our town during her term. She is a life long resident and is passionate about our town and its residents.

Bethany James

Bethany has served on council for 8 years. She supervises all our public safety services. She is a life long resident and also coordinates several of our community events.

Doug Moore

Doug has served on council for 4 years. He supervises our Water and Maintenance departments. He is also a life long resident of our town.

Kathy Frederick

We are pleased to have Kathy as our newest council member. 

Dixie Meeks

Congratulations to our newly elected Council member. We are excited to have her on our team and look forward for the positive progress to come for our Town.

Town Attorney : Mary McCormac